Wednesday, September 1, 2010

** The view **

The hand trembled, partially frozen by the passing wind, and she sat, in that sultry winter evening by the fence, she sat trembling. The passerby stared, @ that bare elbow stretched out of that yellow pullover, as it reached out for something. He hinted at his eagerness to know what she was hiding, yet he passesby.

That rugged bag stored a bunch of things, including a black, iron tipped Violin. She started playing it with a deterministic consistency. The melody unheard, the touches of the bow, grim yet mysteriously melodious. Soon, the anxious crowd gathers, ready to applaud the act with a generous tribute of currency. The grim melody kept playing, and the crowd waited anxiously to applaud.

As the melodic progression neared the ending, the chatter of the crowd magnified. The clinking of coins, broke the concentration of the violinist, which was evident with the sudden shake of the head. She started to walk away, ignoring the pile of coins, glancing merrily @ the surprised eyes of a satisfied crowd.

The old man by the side, sensing the opportunity, came up as the crowd started to disperse, to collect his generous and effortless collection. She smiled, and moved on.

The view was breadthtaking. This was so inhumane. Or was it just human?


  1. It's pretty... and yet there is more to it than what you get at the first reading...

    I didn't get it though.. :)

    why inhumane? Isn't it alright to know what one wants? the woman knew about her talent... for herself... she got appreciation... which even though she wasn't hoping for... it made her smile and she walked off without money.

    The old guy however.. who got the money.. had nothing else.

    Talent will get her money again... but the money wont get him talent or money again! whoa! sorry for the huge comment. but this got me thinking. Like it!

  2. Hey Niti..

    Most times, money is the thing that one chooses over almost anything, and when someone does a thing or two that defies the belief.. One starts to think..

    What is human, and what is not..
    And its a Question, i couldnt find an answer to! :)



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