Sunday, September 12, 2010

++? What the Tweet ?++

 Insane Me - "Where am I?, Why am i here?"

And in my hours of insanity,"Why!", I wonder, do i always end up doing 'em things, @ times when they weren't supposed to be done. Be it washing clothes, i dip em into the water, and turn around only to find an empty can of washing powder, grinning frivolously. And, for the lack of a better expression, i grin back.

Why do i start writing crappy monologues like these, and i quote on "Sundays", when i could be sipping colas, and watching popcorn-flicks on television instead? And to make it look genuine, and less idiotic, i CAPITALIZE, and italicize a few of its words. Its strange, i'm strange. I wonder.

Why does the apartment "Fuse" go out, when i'm all alone, and the friend who could've fixed it, is out holidaying. It's stange is what it is, and i'm strange is what i am. Smiling ignorantly, after finding those glasses on my nose instead, which like most of us, i hate to admit, and need anonymity to confess. Asking about the Beer i never drink! Clawing away at that laptop, even while watching that television show, only to make sure i haven't got any important mail. As if, i get any important mails. As if, someone uses the computer on a Sunday afternoon, Oh Wait there's me!

May be its because, these are a part of me, i am a part of me. I feel sane at times, genuinely insane sometimes, and foolish most of the time.Yet, it feels good to feel foolish. Its feels good to be me. Its good to be me. Oh wait, i think my sanity is coming back now.

Sane Me - "Lets watch the News! And Hey, where my Beer?"


  1. There is a very fine line between sanity and insanity. Don't worry about it too much. Worrying makes it worse.

    Besides, if it's any solace I am always on my comp - Sunday or no Sunday.

    And for the rest, look at the bright side - you could write a whole lot of murphy's laws here eg- the fuse will go out when you have no access to an electrician .. or something like that. you get the drift. :P

  2. Yeah,Sunday or no sunday..! I am here..

    I agree with NIti. :)

  3. Hey Niti. lol @ murphy's laws.. they sure are accurate.. :)

    And my having both of u here, i know im not d only one fooling around on the comp @ weird times! :P

    Thankies! :D

  4. @Blue..

    Hehe... Good, its always good to have company. :)



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