Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~ Windows ~

Thus, You Let me See through you,
Let feel the drizzle soft,
To Let me 'til Eternity, Stare,
At Petals touched by morning dew.

Through thy Limited Vicinity, Steep,
Many Conscious Dreams I Dreamt,
And Presumptuous, I, Do fondly Dwell,
On 'Em, Unforgettable few.

Morning sun, you Let pass, Slow,
To brighten Grim filled Days,
Let Enter through, your 'sparkle' cracks,
My perfect morning View.

Purple - Red, My Flowers Swell,
Lay sad with Wilted leaves.
Until your passing light rays neared,
And quick, They fondly Grew.

Dark at Night, You would Stay put,
Fighting your Mild Disdain,
To Keep my fears of loss at ease.
Soften 'em drops of Rain.

Dust Lay settled upon my memories,
Gently dead and slain,
'Til you let me see through you,
My Olden, window pane.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

-- Happiness --

I not go, to a holy place, To Ask -
Forgiveness for what i did.

Yet, Happiness felt, a long time since,
I played hide 'N seek as a kid.

- I am in such a good mood today. The days ahead seem so promising, these lines kind of made its way out of my otherwise numb brainwaves! :)

I had a nomination for the Perfect Poet award in Week 43 of The Poets Rally. I accept it with this post and nominate Lori ( Immersion Blog-apy ) for the coming week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~ Dreams filled of HotAir ~

A crowd, of strangers, and a sketch board blank. He stared at the distant crowd, and the colorful balloons fluttering away in the vicinity.

With hopeful mist in his eyes, he sat at a distance tugging away at the idea of the experience. He would smile away effortlessly at the merry bunch of children that passed by, without letting his engaging efforts at camouflaging his emotions slip by. He would marvel at the sudden dispatch of hot air and the rising heights of the wooden basket within. His brush strokes sudden and peaceful relentlessly kept darkening the sides of the silhouette. He kept painting the colors with utmost precision, yet the balloon's subtle movements under the caressing winds went un-captured.

The tiny splashes of paint across his face approved of his dedication. Yet the source of his inspiration - hidden within his complacency.

His sincere optimism was visible in his alternate glances to the balloon, surrounded  by a self-infested longing. He would wait for that miracle, for as long as it takes, yet the wait wasn't making him weary. His inability to experience it, was motivation enough for another glaring attempt at immortalizing the picture in front of him. The brush strokes kept growing prominent and darker, yet the dispersing crowd kept alienating his experience.

And with that last balloon, slipping out of his sight, he lent his hand out to his beloved, leaning onto her affectionate embrace, grabbed his crutches, and limped away.

- Written for the "Short Story Slam"  @ bluebellbooks.

Monday, May 16, 2011

- Colourless -

Felt no pain, I lay perfect,
As her shadow cried unheard,
Felt no remorse, i lay untouched,
The fingers gently, went Cold.

Stolen shades of yellow, bright,
Scattered, my borrowed canvas white,
For that abstraction of green, Broken,
Dimly went Unfold.

On that picture of our unison,
With subtle strokes of imagination,
Half dried paint, abandoned,
I had Emptied, my dreams of Gold.

Gently I let go of the crimson,
Lay with lifeless monochrome,
Roamed, I mindless, everywhere,
Searching the rainbow I Sold.

Monday, May 9, 2011

! Simplify !

It's been a while since i had the urge to pen down the things hovering upon my conscience. I could care less about my mundane yet progressive lifestyle. Frustrated yet not dejected, i allow my thoughts to take over. And the turn of events slowly started to demystify.

It was a start, a good one at that, but now i am lost. Unable to separate the wants from the needs. It wasn't always so complex. Just the color of the candy, used to draw the line. But now, its not so simple. Nothing is. How much more does it intend to consume, was presumably uncertain! The Race to accommodate myself within its worldly content that the world, attaches to the lowly yet steeply priced wants, saddens me! I used to have hobbies, now the only hobby that i have scarcely allowed myself to do is to write about how and what used to be my hobby! Love, wasn't just an illusion of a better half! It was something that would relieve me of the lifelessness of the passing days.

After penning down sarcastic remarks on illogical statements of preposterous degrees for a while, i put my "virtual" pen down, letting the urge sink unto its inexplicable ending.

With the rising sun, steadily illuminating its reach, climbing higher up with every passing moment, I ironically dive into the depths of yet another day of Fun, frolic and Frustrated Anxiety. I wish I was back in time. I wish for it to Simplify.

Friday, May 6, 2011

~ Downpour ~

The trees went bent, made way for the winds,
The flowers lay pretty no more,
Broken twigs, Bent, swept away,
Gently rose from none,
the Downpour.

Grew angrier by the moment,
Soft spoken raindrops,
Ominous Nimbus,
Maneuver the light.

Waters rose from down below,
Unto fittings heights of fright,
The feared fists of the humble creator,
Gently rose with fearful might.

Leaves hurled along, in circles,
Lay trembling, hearing thunders Roar,
Leaving bits of past, in ruins,
Gently rose from none,
the Downpour.

Went to dust, in a blink, creations,
End of time, in sight,
Rueful shrieks of  lost, arose,
To stand adrift the smite.

And from neigh, its calm again,
Stagnant, Sky, Azure,
Smearing fright, on hopeful creations,
Gently left, the Downpour.


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