Monday, November 29, 2010


Why is it that when you least expect it, things go haywire? The simplest of things that work out effortlessly for the next person standing in line, or the one next to him even, won't work out for me? !@#$%% Lame. A frivolous act of enjoyment, gets noticed and judged upon, while that selfless display of bravery, goes unnoticed on more than one occasions.

!@#$%%^ Lame.

Desperately Seeking ...a prepaid punching bag, Any takers???

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*- Hazy -*

Legs frozen, the Mind storms ahead.
For i dreamt a dream.. forLorn..
The head steady, the floor lie spinning.
For i puffed a puff.. alone..

The sky muddy, the ground clear blue.
For i took a leap, headOn..
The view hazy, the path curvy..
I dreamt a dream forLorn..

Me and a shadow, mystery surrounds..
Me and the shadow i see..
Silence, chaOs, all in one moment.
I am still not back to me..

The grass Numb, the legs dew-clad..
The hands shaky, no more..
I stand on the ground, cemented..
And I puffed a puff.. alone..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

** HelpLess **

I peek a boo, whilst the drops are pouring..
And i melt, like the chocolate cone in my hand..

I steal a glance, @ that strike of lightning,
And i tremble, like the stray kitten by the stand..

I lay with my hands, still as a painting,
Unable to lift it up, unlike my spirits,

I lay there, still as a painting..

I cope a feel of the warm, passing winds,
And i sway, like the curtains beneath..

I smell the lillies, by the flower shop,
And i smell, like i may not ever breathe..

And I wake up smiling, like i never smiled..
For its the First morning of spring..

I vehemently, adore the happiness,
that you oh so lovingly, bring..

Like the subtle break of dawn by the window,
I catch my drowning will, and stand..

On my feet.. Again...
Once again, i Stand..


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