Tuesday, November 9, 2010

** HelpLess **

I peek a boo, whilst the drops are pouring..
And i melt, like the chocolate cone in my hand..

I steal a glance, @ that strike of lightning,
And i tremble, like the stray kitten by the stand..

I lay with my hands, still as a painting,
Unable to lift it up, unlike my spirits,

I lay there, still as a painting..

I cope a feel of the warm, passing winds,
And i sway, like the curtains beneath..

I smell the lillies, by the flower shop,
And i smell, like i may not ever breathe..

And I wake up smiling, like i never smiled..
For its the First morning of spring..

I vehemently, adore the happiness,
that you oh so lovingly, bring..

Like the subtle break of dawn by the window,
I catch my drowning will, and stand..

On my feet.. Again...
Once again, i Stand..


  1. :) Nice

    I like the metaphors! It is a mixture of longing, resigned and hopeful disposition. Like it!

  2. Hey Niti..
    Glad u got d essence! :)
    Always happy to have u here! :D



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