Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*- Hazy -*

Legs frozen, the Mind storms ahead.
For i dreamt a dream.. forLorn..
The head steady, the floor lie spinning.
For i puffed a puff.. alone..

The sky muddy, the ground clear blue.
For i took a leap, headOn..
The view hazy, the path curvy..
I dreamt a dream forLorn..

Me and a shadow, mystery surrounds..
Me and the shadow i see..
Silence, chaOs, all in one moment.
I am still not back to me..

The grass Numb, the legs dew-clad..
The hands shaky, no more..
I stand on the ground, cemented..
And I puffed a puff.. alone..


  1. "For I dreamt a dream forlorn
    For I puffed a puff alone"

    Story of my life! :)

    Well written, Psyched! (Since I don't know what else to call you. :P)

  2. nice...
    "Silence, chaOs, all in one moment"
    story of lives ...
    well written


  3. Hi Rajiv..

    Thanks.. glad u liked the effort! :)



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