Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~ Life is Beautiful ~

Life, the journey that it is, leaves us with experiences of varied kinds. Some forgotten, some etched deep within our memories. And these memories forgotten, remembered, envisions the beauty of our existence.

The curiosity-clad Innocence of childhood, that made us look at everything with the sole intention of understanding its existence.
The enthusiastic Adolescence, the hunger for experiences, and the enthusiasm of trying out things of all kinds.
The responsibility-clad Adulthood, the quest for stability, the need to sustain, and a family to look after.
The wrinkle-clad Old age, where everything seemed so near, yet distant.

And Within each phase of our existence, the perception of the existence of everything else changed by frightening tangents. The changes impeccably sudden, the longing amazingly contrasting. And with the change in perception, our perception of Beauty changed too.

Withing the realms of imagination, the colorful rainbow went from beautiful to inspiring, and from inspiring to soothing. And as the days grew grim, it turned beautiful again.

The aging heroine of yesteryear's, forgotten only in appearance, still vividly alive in the hearts of her fans, still overflowed with beauty and substance like a cornucopia of allure and elegance. Her beauty cherished and relived through her rarely available movie recordings. Like the aging bottle of scotch, her aroma traveled far and wide. The forgiving eyes of a child that saw past the repulsion and dejection, and offered its arms with trust, beautiful, yet the beauty of it - never heard of.

As we travel through the corridors of life, slightly impervious to its selfless offering of bundled joy, the essence of real beauty still resides, in the innocence of a child, the softness of the raindrops, the calmness of the ocean waves, and "life" within each passing moment.

The poet in me, could not recede my words, nor my fervor to pen down a few -

Scattered  away in moments- gentle,
Drops of joy, to give,
A thing of beauty, enjoyed forever,
So, Stay a while, and live!

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