Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dusk till Dawn

Relentless it would start again,
As night fell,
I start to wonder if i should write a line,
full of agony and pain,
or a subtle word or two about the woeful rain,
as if i would never see the stars another time,
as if my words would never rhyme,
As if it would start again.

Although the rain had stopped pouring,
And the trees have stopped roaring,
with equivocal meaninglessness,
The restlessness in their wavering leaves,
tremble amidst the light-less skies.
Like my countless flight-less tries,
to write a line or two,
about the glee in the light-less sky,
about the meaning in 'em cloudy nights,
of playful serenity,
of wonder and awe,

Happy, i tug my blanket,
and soak in the hues of the cold breeze,
that harrowed through the window i left open,
For the light of my shaky night lamp,
to pass through, and
..let me see the dawn afar.


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