Monday, January 31, 2011

Stay away from me.....

Separate yourself from what compels you to relinquish us
Push your way on to me, entirely
Stay away from me, stay away from me now
Less you gonna see, less you gonna see me out

No, I can't dance less it's slow or sad
To a song that's far less obvious
You using me, do it slowly
Make it last until I have to go

- honorary Title.. The lyrics are just so melodramatic.. love it...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

^- Big Boss -^

A posh office cabin, with the orderly(well almost an orderly) serving Masala tea by the table, a neatly varnished table to throw my junk at! A perfectly charming secretary to jot down my Todo list, and a silver tipped fountain pen, signifying my status at the company. A vertical, crystal clear sliding window, preferably, with an inviting view of the next skyscraper in the nearing vicinity, mirroring another workaholic wannabe.

I long to use the fountain pen someday, and throw something non-junk-like at the table for once. I long to sip the tea while its still leaking vapour, and to cover the sun, through the glass window, before it sets without me knowing about it. I long to overhear the whispers about my ability to mix with the commoners. I long to understand the woes of the commoner, without being one. I long to belong, for once.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

*- Shriek -*

"Stop, Make it Stop!" Have you thought aloud lately? I find it hard to resist!

I was thinking aloud yet again! And the commute by the Company cab, yuck, makes me scream!!


The regional radio, that wouldn't stop! The creaky cab windows, shrieking for a tune-up, the honky honks of the harky horns, keeps the eyebrows twitched for the entirety of my journey!

"Shut up", and pardoning myself from every irritated shadow that moved with a twitched eyebrow, mostly from my frowny shrieks, in front of me, i couldn't resist, yet again. Not thinking aloud is just .. plain hard!


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