Thursday, January 20, 2011

^- Big Boss -^

A posh office cabin, with the orderly(well almost an orderly) serving Masala tea by the table, a neatly varnished table to throw my junk at! A perfectly charming secretary to jot down my Todo list, and a silver tipped fountain pen, signifying my status at the company. A vertical, crystal clear sliding window, preferably, with an inviting view of the next skyscraper in the nearing vicinity, mirroring another workaholic wannabe.

I long to use the fountain pen someday, and throw something non-junk-like at the table for once. I long to sip the tea while its still leaking vapour, and to cover the sun, through the glass window, before it sets without me knowing about it. I long to overhear the whispers about my ability to mix with the commoners. I long to understand the woes of the commoner, without being one. I long to belong, for once.


  1. Ok... m confused..

    "I long to understand the woes of the commoner, without being one. I long to belong, for once."

    you want to belong without being a commoner? or do you want to belong despite being a commoner?

  2. Hi Alka, thanks for d visit.. good to have you here! :)

  3. Hey Niti, Well Confusion was actually the kind of state i wanted the character to be in..

    Assuming, that The thinking process when one is in a state of self realization, seems to go about being someone who he is not..

    Hope i am not confusing you again! :-/ :)

  4. Plus, its just a random piece i wrote keeping in mind a certain character i know, or i think i know. The analysis obviously is up for debate! :)

  5. It is an interesting character to say the least. Quite impressive actually. :)



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