Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~ Rescue Me ~

Eyes, Bewitching.
Gentle, Smile.

Gently famished,

Dubious desire,
Don't be a dream,
Docile, Yet,
Looked around,
Lost & Found.
Grim Soulful Mist,
The optimist.

Your Eyes Bewitching,
And I,
Docile, Trapped,
Stained wall,
Bleeding Fist.

Profound, compounded cacophony,
In my head,
Gentle Agony,
For one smile.
Rescue Me,
It's been a while.

Friday, March 11, 2011

~ Starting Problem ~

10:45 A.M.
Combing my way out of the bedroom, i rushed into my office casuals. It was late, the sun was beaming with more heat, less warmth. Unforeseen circumstances, as usual, have led me here. Not a lot of times, have i overslept! Really! The clock kept ticking with crass audacity. Time flies they say, well i am living it. Rush-hour! The shoes, never were the shoes to be found where i left them. Oh there they are, behind the bathroom mop. Wait a second, why are my shoes behind the bathroom mop? Ah, no time, it was probably me.

10:57 A.M.
My wrist watch! Another misguided disappearance! I can manage without a watch, i assure myself, yet again. Clock's ticking! Time isn't on my side. Why isn't it on my side? Why'd it always have to be so dramatic! Time the savior, Time the destroyer. And, there, it makes me dramatic too. No Time. Why can't I be ready as I always be! Shrugging a little more than usual, was I. The glasses, no, I didn't forget they are on my nose! Thank god for that! No Time.

11:12 A.M.
Time, the savior, Time the destroyer. Dramatic! Ahh, The Drama. It Never ends. And a dramatic glance at the calendar. Wait, what day is it? Monday (_Enter frown'y face here_)! The Manager isn't in today. Great (_Enter smiley face here_).

I was feeling a little sick anyways. 
"Hello Boss, *Cough, Cough* *Achoo*, I think i am coming down with something."
Thank god for Sick Leaves!

Tuesday :
10:45 A.M.
Combing my way...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

~ Dusky ~

Chirp, still say the birds, afar.
Smugly I, dark and weary,
Floating dreams of sanctuary.
Whirl of mortal emotions roar.

Fluttery leafs, afloat mildly,
Tenderly tranquilize my thoughts,
Thoughtless, I lend watch, presumptuous,
and I see some more.

Quirky breeze of change are staying,
Deceitful winds of hope,
Golden tan of sky, retreated,
Gently down the neon slope.

Starless sky fell, dark again,
Like the night before,
As I turn and leave the brightness,
Chirp, the birds no more.


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