Tuesday, June 5, 2012

~ Caught Up ~

Crept up in Thoughtfulness.
Lost in the Charms of the tablet thingy.
Caught in the winter rains,
My quest for Vanity.
Receding fast. 
Nowhere to go.
but to the things of the past.
I sit in the drivers seat.

Sane thoughts wouldn't leave me.
No time to look down across the looking glass.
To the hues of the setting sun.
To the hazy view of the mountains,
through the droplets of dew on the looking glass.
To the world outside.
Playful Frost.

The dew swept away.
By the windshield.
Only to return with
Playful intensity.
I stare afar.
Hoping for the distant shadow to yield.
Its anonymity.

Lost in the Ruins of the tablet thingy.
I push back the seat a little.
May be it isn't so bad,
To be
Caught in the winter rains.
Nowhere to go.
but to the things of the past.

Friday, June 1, 2012

~ Changes ~

I've changed a lot, since i last wrote. No, Not the things that you would think. Still, Writing on laptops, more preferred, than those obsolete sheets of paper. I haven't actually seen any, except for the Printer Trays lying around in the office. I probably wouldn't remember what my handwriting would look like even if i tried to. The long hours on the internet, still a religious part of my day planner.

I've started to take an interest in politics, believe it or not, and words like GDP, Exchange rates, don't perturb me anymore, and looking for articles explaining what they are, is a thing of the past. Back-pain isn't a myth these days. A casual look at the diet contents of the Junk Food lump in my plate, a common occurrence.

Listening to music, seems permissible only while on the shuttle to work. Hobbies, to write for a casual curriculum vitae, seems to come from careful surfing of dozens of websites, rather than from personal experiences. Birthday wishes would come in plenty, as messages and emails. Phone calls however, would 
seem to come from strangers, with a business agenda on their minds.
The urge to Walk a little, obstructed by the fleet of stairs i took on the way to the office cafeteria. The careful observations made on the roads on the walk home, engaged by thoughts of the future.

I've changed a lot, since i last wrote. I hope... for the best.


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