Thursday, January 6, 2011

*- Shriek -*

"Stop, Make it Stop!" Have you thought aloud lately? I find it hard to resist!

I was thinking aloud yet again! And the commute by the Company cab, yuck, makes me scream!!


The regional radio, that wouldn't stop! The creaky cab windows, shrieking for a tune-up, the honky honks of the harky horns, keeps the eyebrows twitched for the entirety of my journey!

"Shut up", and pardoning myself from every irritated shadow that moved with a twitched eyebrow, mostly from my frowny shrieks, in front of me, i couldn't resist, yet again. Not thinking aloud is just .. plain hard!


  1. An add-on incentive to thinking aloud: You might scare someone and they'll remained scared till they know you've been to a psychiatrist/ ghost buster! :P

    Happy New Year!

  2. haha.. very advantageous indeed! ;)
    Thanks for d peep.. Have a rockin year ahead.. :)



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