Thursday, December 30, 2010

To Resolute, Or...

Another year fades away, leaving me angry @ those offensive moments of anguish and pain. At the same time, the moments of serenity, the replenishing morning strolls, try hard at overcoming the anguish. Failing sometimes, succeeding at others, the copious assembly of feelings make my mood swings a tad more uncontrollable.

A new year, as they say, is a time for resolutions, and like the geeky little kid on the first bench of the class, i start counting the ones that had been wasted in the last years, and the ones left to be chosen from! And i mumble .. This year, i will... , nah, not that one, neither that, too optimistic, lame, boring,.. gosh whats left? back to square one. and like the geeky kid, i stare.

Let me just say, Resolutions are for dummies. Ill quit what i like, and take up what i dont! Or something like that. Happy New Year, Mates!


  1. haha.. I agree. Resolutions are for dummies! :) and since you have a feeling it is going to be a happier year.. I'll just drink to that! Someone somewhere has that feeling. that's good enough.

    Happy New Year!

  2. hehe .. Cheers 2 That niti!! :)


  3. Hehe!!
    Toh-tah-lee agree!!

    Cheers to a new year.

  4. Do we have a like button here? :D I totally agree but then resolutions are like marriage ceremonies, we don't really need them but we have themso that people won't break them without giving much thought..

  5. Vee...

    lol.. thats an interesting comparison.. marriage/resolutions.. :))

    Happy new year to you too my friend! :)



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