Monday, November 29, 2010


Why is it that when you least expect it, things go haywire? The simplest of things that work out effortlessly for the next person standing in line, or the one next to him even, won't work out for me? !@#$%% Lame. A frivolous act of enjoyment, gets noticed and judged upon, while that selfless display of bravery, goes unnoticed on more than one occasions.

!@#$%%^ Lame.

Desperately Seeking ...a prepaid punching bag, Any takers???


  1. wow.. too many questions posed at no one in particular I assume? :)

    and about the prepaid punching bag... prepaid has my attention.. although the desperation would ascertain the pay you are willing to shell out for the punch bag... although just curious.. wats the job profile like? ;)

    Chill.. endure and this too shall pass. :)

  2. also its weird how typing the 6 words for a word verification after having typing so much in the comment already are most tiresome.

  3. liked the way you added the last line :D great blog you have!

  4. Very cute blog !
    and yeah, I totally relate to what you mentioned in this post !!

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