Wednesday, September 15, 2010

-++ SomeWhere Else ++-

Red green blue..
It's too good to be true..
$he's in my arms and i ..

In the Captioned Tshirt,
Red green blue..
Smoking pot, and craving more..
In an Aching body, sore..
For $he's in my arms, and i..

Dim-lit room shady, creaks..
And the freak, lay, craving..
$he's in my arms, and i..

I cut myself shaving,
I tried looking nice.,
But, vices like mine..
It won't suffice, Will it?

And he tried escaping..
through the crack in the freak..
And i had to kill it..

In the tinted shades over my glasses..
There was the freak, craving..
Paving his way through the chaos,
$he's in my arms, and i..
I am somewhere else..


  1. I agree.. that was great.. didnt get the symbolism of the $he though :)

  2. Hey Blue../
    Thanks! :) Glad u liked it! :)

  3. Hi T.

    Welcome to my space..

    Well, i tried relating the She with the good things in my life, that i(we) tend to ignore and run after everything else!

    Thanks for d visit, and d comment! :)



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