Friday, September 10, 2010

++- The boy who was Superman -++

And with a kiss on his forehead, mommy dearest put little Jamie to sleep. And off he went to Fairyland. The bestest of places for him, the place where he was God. And tonight, God descended, as superman. He kick-opened the closet to reveal, that "Allmani" Superman suit, "Wait, or was it Armani? duh, who cares, its exorbitantly priced", he mumbled! "Plus, i'm a kid, i'm supposed to spell it wrong." All Red-Blue , it shone with its invincible might.

                 With his creativity plunging beyond his limits, he even painted a newer Logo, with an articulated "J", to add his flavour to it. "Juperman?" - he shrugged. And, Shrugging some more, he rubbed the J off, replacing it with an S, now, that suits it. He gave a superficial, charming look @ the suit, and off he went.

Now, He had no secret identity to hide. Now, he stood apart, free from the influences of the mortal sins. As he flew, to save a soul, or many, she grabbed him by the arm. Lois Lane, she stood there, anxious, waiting to be saved, waiting to be loved. But, he, with an inquisitive stare, walked right past the melodrama.

"Who are you?", he questioned, as if she wasn't the love of his life, nor was he hers.
"Why am i obliged to save you?".

He wasn't intimidated by her. He hasn't felt love, or lust, or angst, or jealousy, or anger, no, not yet. He wasn't desiring her neverending tenderness, and love. No, not yet.

He just walked past the confusion. And the sign read, Superman has left the building, free from the mortal sins. To save a soul, or many. And, After a long and fiesty battle with evil, he retires. for with a kiss on his forehead, mommy dearest woke him up.


  1. Ah the dream world! Isn't everybody that kid in their dreams? Not caring about Armani and a pretentious love stories and identities to hide. :)

    or is it just me? :P

  2. Niti,

    Heh, well, everybody, i mean everybody has that side to him.. that "somebody else" gig is never too far away. trust me! ;)



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