Friday, September 3, 2010

>--- something ♥ like love --->

That cloudy afternoon, the sight of her coming out of that door, kept looming in upon my anxious shadow. She could walk in anytime now. It's been an hour since she walked into that restaurant.

Her green T-shirt tugged in that familiarly funny way, was amusing . I could stare into those dark eyes of hers for days, or so I thought. I haven't found the courage yet. I haven't found the right words yet, that could express something like this, something so inexplicable, something.. something like love.

Her quirky smile, that I could only catch occasionally makes me grin. And it makes my day. My day, no matter how horrible it was before, it makes my day.

I thinks of her kurta's, often. I don't like them, they don't suit her. But, ah.. when she dresses in that spotless white shirt, it soothes my etched heart. It sprays my tainted feelings with purity.

I stare back at the door. She could walk in anytime now. It's been an hour since she walked in.

How she twitches her eyebrows when she's bored. How she makes me crave, not for ice-creams, not for a drink, but for her to twitch her eyebrow affectionately, amicably, adorably. How she somehow commands me to stay here glued to the bench, waiting for her to come out. To catch a glimpse of that glowing persona, and a loving smile.

And she walks out, of the door, completely ignorant. In a few gait filled steps, she's out of my sight. How could she ignore something so inexplicable. How could she ignore something like love.

And I stare back at the door.


  1. Ignore something like love??

    Niceeee post!

    Thanks for visiting. Nice blog you have here..

  2. wow,that was so honest..
    best wishes!lol

  3. whoa! that's kinda amazing. Point of view changes everything doesn't it.

    The stalker thinks she is ignoring love. The woman isn't aware of the love. and I think it's actually better she isn't aware.. stalking is frowned upon.. usually..

    PS: Read this twice and when I got the stalking thing.. the rest of the narrative made sense. It is perfect for a stalkers description. good job!

    PPS: He is stalking her right?

  4. @The Blue perwinkle..

    Shall i call u blue? Happens to be my favourite colour :)

    Thanks for liking the scrapblog! :)

  5. @Niti

    Yes, in a way.. but, the ignorant Love-struck being that he is, he is unable to let go, unable to accept the fact that she isnt interested.. she isnt so hopelessly in love.. or so he thinks..

    Glad it made sense :)

    Thanks for being here! :)

  6. Its nice. You should talk to her. :P

  7. Hey Sam, Well, its "fiction", but yeah, well i do have my moments, if you know what i mean! ;)

    btw, i loved ur blog "unspoken verses", esp d name! :)

  8. Haha, we all have our moments man! :P

    And thanks dude, it started as an outlet for pent up thoughts, hence the name - unspoken verses!

    I see you write a fair bit of fiction! Its nice! :) Plus, you can draw from your experience, tell it as a tale, and no one judges like they do. :P

  9. Thanks Sam.. Im all for Fiction, specially wen its my story, and i have a chance to mold it in a way i want it to be! ;)



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