Monday, May 9, 2011

! Simplify !

It's been a while since i had the urge to pen down the things hovering upon my conscience. I could care less about my mundane yet progressive lifestyle. Frustrated yet not dejected, i allow my thoughts to take over. And the turn of events slowly started to demystify.

It was a start, a good one at that, but now i am lost. Unable to separate the wants from the needs. It wasn't always so complex. Just the color of the candy, used to draw the line. But now, its not so simple. Nothing is. How much more does it intend to consume, was presumably uncertain! The Race to accommodate myself within its worldly content that the world, attaches to the lowly yet steeply priced wants, saddens me! I used to have hobbies, now the only hobby that i have scarcely allowed myself to do is to write about how and what used to be my hobby! Love, wasn't just an illusion of a better half! It was something that would relieve me of the lifelessness of the passing days.

After penning down sarcastic remarks on illogical statements of preposterous degrees for a while, i put my "virtual" pen down, letting the urge sink unto its inexplicable ending.

With the rising sun, steadily illuminating its reach, climbing higher up with every passing moment, I ironically dive into the depths of yet another day of Fun, frolic and Frustrated Anxiety. I wish I was back in time. I wish for it to Simplify.


  1. You stole my mood of the day! I so wanna simplify - let go and even phase out maybe.

    You wonderfully captured the true essence of our unnecessarily complicated lives.

  2. Hey Upasana,
    Yeah, bottled emotions, had to get out sometime! :P

    Thanks for the praise! :)

  3. ... 'ironically dive into the depths of yet another day' ... so beautifully put. Some days I despair of how I can simplify things, make me life run as smoothly as everyone else's seems to ... but then I force myself to remember that I have been through a lot, that there is only one ME, and I can only do my best ... and the winds of time are urging me forward from behind these days, not blasting right into my face. May you find simplicity in tomorrow and find the goodness in today (advice I should also remember to take) :)

  4. @mypastmademe
    Thanks, i do wish we would find the simplicity in our lives that we always wanted, not for the overflowing technology we endure but for the lack of resistance to its charm! :)

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  5. wonderful post. I absolutely can relate to these feelings.


  6. Hi Jilien,
    Thanks for the visit, glad u were able to relate! :)

  7. Happens with me too sometimes but there is NO going back :)



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