Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~ Oh, Wait, I'm Drunk! ~

Everyone presents that vague and inexperienced comment, "Why do you Drink?" to someone, @ some point of time! As if its that devilish act of self-destruction! I beg to differ!

As Questionable as it might sound, everyone has a right to be able to shy away from those worries of life, even if its for only a while! That investment plan that wasnt in your think-tank a while ago, as if woken up from a bad dream, and cuddles up in its debatably rightful place, rushes inside your cerebellum! Money matters, maligning those scarce moments of peace! Troubles of the N'th degree haunting the thought process! Fear not, the solution awaits!

That potion of heavenly charm and enigma, that drugs out those eerie feelings of what if, and Why's from that eerie corner of our medula oblongata, is invented for a reason! That inebriated couple of hours, teleport us out of the earthly clutches of greed and inhibitions, into a void of emotions! The only emotion that could shatter those doors, would be happiness! And glee!

Cheers to Life!!

Statuatory Warning - Drinking is Injurious to Health!

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