Wednesday, June 23, 2010

--- Debatable Doubts ---

Conscience! A term that is abused to its core, when giving that unwanted advice to a friend, who is most probably isn't even listening! Yet, I never fail to include the Conscience bit, to that argument! An argument, which isn't fitting in. Isn't able to settle down, as something worthy of a second thought. Yet, that argument, always forces self-proclamation to re-surface!

Where would my blatant conscience that everybody so calmly speaks of, find a place of application?

When would the right time for that battle of Good versus evil show itself?

How would i be able to overcome that iota of doubt that keeps me floating around in my Dozing -off hours! Doubts, Oh.. Doubts!

And yet, we proudly present our bits for the good of our s0-called friends, who we have to console in some way, that should be precise, yet not too overwhelming! And its a tough call, there are the genuine friends who gather our genuine sympathies, and there are the not so genuine one's that don't(@ least for us) deserve our sympathies. Reason, could be right or wrong, but the decision, is solely based on our debatable conscience. Decisions, about us are oh so simple, but verdict concerning others subtle and harsh, yet not so challenging.

I seldom ask my conscience about the correctness of its blatant verdicts, i believe it is the right thing to do. But, who is concluding or validation Doctor Conscience. Doubts, Oh.. Doubts!

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