Monday, April 4, 2011

..The Day The Idiot Box Stood Still..

As usual roomie1 was with the remote, and with the usual annoying grin on our faces, Roomie2 and me, sat down and looked at the television screen.

Roomie2 : "Oh no, Another South movie dubbed in Hindi!"
Me : "Man, i hope its title doesn't end with a "No1"
Roomie2 :  "No i think, it ends with a Tiger!"
Me : "Great, just great!"

And while we tried keeping ourselves interested, we couldn't help but overhear the overwhelming dialogues. Which could only mean one thing. Click, Channel change(which took a little persuasion)! The usual nudge to change the Channels, kept coming at regular intervals. And with every passing change, the sighs of arduous distress went louder.

Roomie1 : "How about the Informative channels?"
Roomie2 : "No. No. I don't want to see Animal mating routines so early in my day! No thanks." (The No being unbearably crass)
Short silence!

The merry-go-round halted at the speech of a Baba, and I could almost hear Roomie2, thinking aloud - "Spiritual channels!" And we sat him and his enthusiasm down with just an angry stare! (Pouting, for the wrong reasons but, yeah that was impressive!)

Roomie2 : Let's switch to the Music channels.
Me : Yeah, Yeah. Let's!

And we waited.
And we waited some more.

No sign. No sign of Music other than the once catchy, now insipidly annoying Airtel theme song. Forcing us to take that step, that step that everyone inadvertently takes at least once a day. The step, that took one man closer to the billions, and the billions closer to their computer screens. We signed onto the "Zuckerberg" franchisee. And with a thump, (a common result of not having the latest LCD model) the Idiot box was silenced, yet again.


  1. I have something for you..
    Do check it on my blog :)

  2. @Simran. Yes, thanks a lot for that yaa! :)

    hehe, yeah, im sure uve been there, we all have in our own ways! :))))

  3. It kind of deserves that... Silence!!

  4. hello! india has the best idiot box in the world (prob excluding the US). As magiceye said, we're spoilt for choice

  5. Nice. Try India TV for fulltoo bakwas....

  6. @Artiji.
    Hmmm, well with the overwhelming reality shows these days, it sure needs to be silenced! :)

  7. @Magiceye.
    hehe, true.

    Yes, it has, but too much commercialization has narrowed our chances of enjoying a cup of coffee in front of it. dont u think? :)

  8. @Alka
    Yeah, India TV, wow, they are fast becoming the new AajTak! :)



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