Monday, April 18, 2011

~ Gone ~

And as the setting sun, started descending on the horizon, it was yet another day getting itself deducted from the equation. Sometimes, it just disappears as if it was never there. No visible outcomes, no probable upsides to it.

The weather, refreshingly cool, the winds surprisingly soothing. The scorching heatwaves- departed, the dreamy moonlight gently paved its way in. And I, capture the moment in my digital camera. Not that i am another budding photographer. Neither am i a particularly keen nature lover. Environmental concerns normally don't make me worried either. Yet, the scene was splendid. And i found myself pledging on reducing my "Carbon footprints", yet again.

It was my day off. Time was not of essence.

Being a part of the non-productive (theoretically speaking) working class, accustomed to the corporate habitat, of late nights, and late mornings, Coffee breaks, and air-conditioned skin-tones, everything was a surprise, as surprising as lottery wins, and mid-year appraisals.

Forgotten pleasures, revisited. One could argue on the feasibility of them being termed pleasure, for some mere routine, for some others not so much. The silently setting sun, made for a splendid view, and surprisingly, i wasn't thinking about the day gone by. As if The promise of a better tomorrow, was shadowing the darkness.Or maybe it was just the moonlight.


  1. Even your prose reads like poetry! Not that I'm complaining. Put up the pics though?

  2. @Magiceye yeah, it was a passing thought! :)
    Thanks for the visit!


    Thanks, i would take that as a compliment! :P
    Pics, let me see, if i can locate em, i would put them out! :)))

  3. Wow.. I need to see that picture! not that the post paints a lesser splendid one :)

  4. @Upasana, Thanks. Will see to it that the picture gets added! ;)



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