Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~ The Weekend That Was ~

Neverland. The movie "Finding Neverland" never amused me, but the concept of Neverland struck a chord, an inevitable one at that. Its like the end of the world, only without the pain of the journey through the underworld. Its like the "Invincibility potion" without the complexity of the after-effects. Wondering about a lot of things, i always found the word "Weekend Gateway", falsely overrated. Yet, the emotional quotient attached to the mind of an IT employee, who has a 9-6 scheduler pasted to his wallet's left cheek, (theoretically of course), is immensely underrated. And when someone comes knocking at your door, with a "Holiday" plan, and a guarenteed "Stress-Free" couple of days, your head could hardly fan out a vertical motion.

The grin on your face, always overcomes your financial worries, and you are all set. And when amidst the financially chaotic suburbs of my mind, the nerve attached to my medulla oblongata, heard the words, "Trip", it sent the rush of blood running, leading to an affirmation.

And, with the curiosity levels rising at par to that of a newborn, the know-how's started off. After finalizing the fooding, lodging, transportation and visiting places to an economically feasible end, we started off. And surely enough, We were surprisingly, stress-free. Even after having the grossly disfunctional picture of the future ahead that we had envisioned over and over again in our heads, We had a serene calmness of sorts surrounding  us. As we were enroute to the verdurous place called "Waynad"(Kerala), we were calm, and chirpy, and a lot more bouncy than usual.

The place was hot, yet the breezy weather was enough to keep us from sweating, and the scenic splendour of the region was really enviable. Covered with trees, encompassing diverse flora and fauna, the place was really soothing. Had not many local sight-seeing spots to boast about, but the places we did get a chance to visit, were all green, and beautiful. One can spot uncanny urbanization and soaring commercialisation levels hovering over it.

The beautiful landscapes encompassing the region, and the lack of overflowing business establishments, made the road-trip even more engaging. While setting the table for a sit-together of friends, nagging about their lives, and scared of the future, and satirically happy about the past, we shared a meal of blissful local food, and slices of our lives, that we forget to live, while we are out shaping it.

Even without, the misadventures of bungee jumping, and river Rafting, and Para-sailing, we had a blast waiting in queue for the boat ride, and settling for a "Sit On The Bench" experience instead. Not having a clue of our hotel reservations, and paying double the actual amount, to stay at a Cottage without room service, and Camp-fire, wasnt bothering us anymore. We tenderly waited for the "adjustment" of a dinner plan, and indeed enjoyed every bit of it, without a fuss.

Although, The Trip ended with a cacophonic chorus of friends over the sound of "Munni Badnaam Hui", we had found a stressful couple of days, and a bunch of pictures, in saturated number of "poses" to paste on our innumerable social networking pages. A way to find peace amidst chaos, a way to find friends amidst husbands, a way to find meaning amidst meaningless conversations, and a way to find Life amidst days, it was an experience.

Bridging the gap between, existing and living, the trip indeed served its purpose, it made us live it up. Looking forward to the ending of another Week, and the opening of another gateway...

PS - Its my entry for the Mypurpose contest on Cleartrip as well, lets try my Luck! :) Here's the link...
My mypurposeEntry   And here it is on Indiblogger - The Weekend That Was


  1. Loved the last photograph! :) Where is this place again?

  2. Hey Niti, yeah thats something i tried out while we were returning... and it came out nicely inspite of the bad light..

    The place is waynad, in Kerala, have added that in d post as well now! :D

  3. Very interesting ! I will vote :)

  4. @tweedlethumb,
    Thanks, means a lot! :)

  5. Recently been to wayanad, can totally relate to your article. Nice pics :)

  6. Hi Mohan, Thanks for the visit.. Really appreciated..

    U have a very likeable blog indeed.. Just read ur post on Hogenekkal... very descriptive.. :)

  7. Thanks Blue..

    wink @ the Perwinkle! :)

  8. I just wanna hug you and hug you!
    you are so very kind and a wonderful writer!

    Much love,




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