Friday, February 18, 2011

~ Moonless starlight ~

A shadow, gloomy, dark, secluded,
And opaquing the light, Was I..

High, I was not, yet i was up so high..
The shadow kept looming, unto the roof,
 inspite of the moonlessness..
Just The stars, smugly and sly..

Gloomy, dark, secluded, I was not,
Yet the gloomy, secluded shadow, stood still..
The frills on the curtains, lay swinging,
The window panes, pale, occult,
turned sheepishly creaky with the whirl.

Swifly swaying the trees at a distant, whispered..
Songs of shrilly silent serenity..
Distant seemed the dawn, to reveille..
Not so distant seemed the sky.

Brisky breeze blew soft, past us.
And the shadow and I, softspoken as ever,
stood silent, unhinged, gazing,
at the moonlessness of the starlit sky.

The eerie stillness of time, was scary..
The slowly reverberating darkness afar, was neigh..
By the shadow, gloomy, dark and secluded..
..Opaquing the light, Was I...


  1. Loved the flow!
    Thanks for your comment :)
    I am your new follower:-D
    Keep expressing !

  2. I enjoyed reading this one ... a nice verse... with lots of imagery...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  3. Hey Simran,
    Thanks, glad u liked it.

    Had a look at your blog too, lovely collection of poems and write-ups. I am your new follower as well! ;)

    Keep sharing!

  4. Hi Shashi..

    Thanks a lot, means a lot coming from you! Keep sharing and keep visiting! :)

  5. Heya Blue...

    Wink wink ;) lol! Thanks.. :))))

  6. There's a flow and then subtle breaks.I love. :)

    Keep 'em rolling!

  7. Oh, dear - alliterations come that spontaneously on your tip of pen

  8. @Raam Pyari.. lol! U have a really cute blog. Pretty Unique way of starting and ending ur posts! Like! :)

    Thanks for the encouraging comments! :)

  9. Hi Akanksha..
    Thanks for the observation, and the comment! Appreciated! :)

  10. Hi Dibakar,
    Alliterations are one of my favs. I kinda always fall for em, and they drop off! lol! :)
    U have a nice blog too!

    Keep visiting, and sharing! :)

  11. Applause! :)

    Wonderful imagery.

    "Gloomy, dark, secluded, I was not,
    Yet the gloomy, secluded shadow, stood still.."

    Like! :)

  12. the imagery in this was lovely and the words setting the pace was fun!!

  13. I don't like poems much but this one just struck a chord...beautifully cinematic. :)

  14. @Magiceye.
    Thanks a lot, appreciated! :D
    PS. Loved ur new upload! :)

    Thanks, glad u were able to relate. Means a lot! Love ur blog as well! :)

  15. "Distant seemed the dawn, to reveille.."
    Amazing, read a good poem after a long time, you should write more like this..

  16. great style! adding you to my reading list : )

  17. Hi Upasana, thanks, for that sincere word of praise, always cheers me up! :)

    Welcome to my space! :)

  18. @SprigBlossoms

    Thanks, Glad u liked the post! Looking forward to your visits! :)
    Uve got a lovely space as well! :)

  19. 'Opaquing the light, Was I...'
    Absolutely loved it.

  20. Hi Amropali...

    Thanks, Glad u liked the attempt! :)))



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