Wednesday, February 2, 2011

* The Shining *

She is black, and curvy. The rebel in me was adrift with powerful emotions towards her. She would comfort me with the warmth that i always felt, when she is in my arms. She would stare back at me whenever i felt alone and restless, and i would vehemently keep staring at her, aimlessly. She would guide me to my room, amidst the darkness of the gloomy, timid nights, and the reflections of the streetlights fading away from her perfect body would remind me of her presence, everyday. She would stay with me when noone will, and point me to the right direction, whenever i needed her to.

She would be with me, when noone will. she would not gloat, just rumble away to make me aware of her presence. She would not hold me back, when i had to go, nor would she glorify the need for me to be around her all the time. She is the perfect companion. And i affectionately, yet unwillingly log off from my shiny laptop and walk away, to meet my friends. I can still hear the rumbling though, from quite afar.


  1. i liked the feelings underneath the words...very nice

  2. Hi Priyama, Glad you liked it! :) Thanks! :D

  3. And in other news.... :)

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  4. Is that what you look for in a companion? Because to get that out of a woman; you'd have to be one hell of a guy or she would have to be just crazy in "love" with you. if that word exists.

    the post is romantic and yet it has a sad subtext. It has longing and it has dejection somewhere in there. but strangely she comes across as the stronger character and guy is the the one in need of her.

    You realise she has the power to make you feel good.

    sorry for the loooong comment. I was bored and this is an interesting post. :)

  5. romance and emotion go hand and in hand

  6. Raj, Thanks will check it out.

    And thanks for dropping by! :)

  7. Aha, Awesome, i like looooong comments, d longer d better! :D (Plus d BHAW of the blog goes up :P)

    Well, not being sure of being the perfect guy, probably made me write this post, and my friends keep calling it my gf lol, so... :)

    I realize that, and probably every guy, once in his life. :)))

    Thanks for the comment! :)))

  8. Hi silent observer(sorry dont know ur name or an alias, lets make it SO :))

    Thanks, glad u liked it, was intended that way, with a hint of longing! Cheers! :)

  9. nice but what's with 'noone' ? What's that supposed to mean ?

  10. @tweedlethumb..

    The 'noone' in context i used was symbolic to the times, when the protagonist isnt able to talk to anyone about the turbulence inside his mind. And the only one he can talk to is she, and again, i always keep the points open for discussion..

    Thanks for an insightful comment, always good to have a biased and inquisitive opinion.

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  11. The word doesn't exist I suppose ? U created it ? Doesn't matter -Shakespeare, Byron, Dickens have contributed significantly to the English dictionary. Join the bandwagon! :D

    Nice read by the way. Keep blogging :)
    And, I've got a blog too :P. Hop in !

  12. Oh, haha.. well, honest mistake.. And thats the beauty of having a PERSONAL blog lol.. just like d "biased" in my prev comment! :P

    Did go through some of your writing.. really good, and i will comment! hehe! :)



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