Wednesday, February 16, 2011

!! Single !!

Watching the love-struck, coochie-coo'ey, couples passing through the streets, holding hands, oozy eyed, and perfectly in harmony with their emotions, its hard not to visualize what could have been. "If only, there was someone who could land those, dreamy eyed stares at you, passionate, soothing, mesmerizing. If only, there was someone, to share those emotional outburts that come out in volcanic proportions from within, every other instant."

Inside the boundaries of self loathing, sadness, and anxiety, one inevitably, starts to reason with their current situation.
"Why I am single? More fun, More control, More of me, and less of everyone else. Nobody to constantly try and please. No one to show attempts of fake appreciation and interest for. As a single soul, I can do what i really want. But.." 
____ and the thought process abruptly halts, at the slightest hint of self pity or in more gentler words, indecision.

Yet, I can never decipher whether its self pity, or a sense of ambiguity created by excessive enthusiastic fun and self-indulgence. But, the fact of the matter remains. The pain of a shattering relationship experience, and the need for the next one to be a happy one, makes it really hard to decide. "Waiting for the right person to come along" - seems the perfect reply to any remarks on your current status. And "Complicated" seems to have become the new and hip statement for one to have on our social networking "Walls" as we call them. Without the embarrassment of being "single" and attracting any sympathetic remarks on being "Married", this was perfect. Let them keep guessing. But then again, "If Only...."

But, the fact of the matter remains, "What Do we Really Want?" I'll have what they're having. Or Anything that comes my way. Let's just call it Indecision for now, But....


  1. What we want changes with our exposure to what-we-can't-get. We keep changing our wants , making them more and more 'practical', more gettable, in the end forgetting what we started off wanting in the first place.
    If it is called indecisiveness. I'd surely want to know a way out of it.

  2. Hi Amropali,
    Well said, we sure keep changing our perspective, along with the crowd. We all want a way out of it, dont we? :)

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  3. Ah well, I'd could give you the philosophical thesis on the need to move on and give "love" another chance. But I assume you have friends for that already. So I'd spare you the bullshit on that since I have come to realise it doesn't really help. :P

    Besides, adding this post and 'the shining' I have deduced that you are too demanding. *shaking my head*

    "If only, there was someone, to share those emotional outburts that come out in volcanic proportions from within, every other instant."

    Like really? May be your next post should be about what she gets after 'sharing' your 'emotional outbursts in volcanic proportions.'

    I do make it sound like a give and take relationship. don't I? :P

  4. We are always looking for that perfect situation..the perfect person... The indecision lurks in most minds..Go with the flow.

  5. Hi Nitz...
    Well, its a blog, and u have a keyboard, so fire away, u know i dont mind! :) Plus, every one has an apparently new bullshit to share! :P hehe! :) and yeah, well as an advice it never does, but as a discussion it might.. dont u think? :)

    hahaha, it sure should be, but probably i wont be writing any on those topics! I have a new love, BIKES! :P

    And yeah, blogging is indeed a give and take.. :) I Give u bullshit to read, and you take the time to read it! :P

    Arrr, how many time have i used "bullshit" lol! :)))

  6. Hi Alka Ji,
    Thanks for dropping by.. And ure absolutely spot on, it was a piece i started in my naggy amateur days as a timepass activity... :)

  7. hi, i like ur blog...u look like an experienced blogger...can u tell me how to get traffic on my new blog...
    i get only about 15 visitors per day...suggestions? Comments?...thanks

  8. Hi ronii,

    Uve got a nice blog there...

    u have good enuf widgets and everything. content is neat, and organized.

    Best way to get visitors, Get active and try to interact, and comment/visit other blogs! :)

    All d best! :)



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