Saturday, December 17, 2011

Of what Ifs and What Nots

Way past the days of non-judgmental decision making, i am content for at least a minute of the day, everyday. Why not? I've seen people with worse problems. So, here this one is a happy post.

The late night motorcycle ride i went for stark in the middle of the night, was fun. The lingering thought in my head when i reached my humble abode, was "I should do this more often." I miss the days when there was no sense of curfew just as the dusty clock struck 10. People safe and content, could go out to take a stroll. Just to sip a cup of roadside tea, even.

Devoid of the lurking dangers, the streets were the not alarmingly naked and deserted. Shops would stay optimistic till the wee hours. The sudden urge to have a smoke at the most absurd hours would make a bunch of us get on with our Ninja gears, and head on to the unending never-ness.

And Now, here we are.. Never studied or had the urge to study robotics, yet i know they must feel - the Robots. Adventure sports were never my thing, yet i might just give it a go, just to unmask my hidden talents, if any.

Another deserted night falls, and i search for my Ninja gear. Again!


  1. the mysterious destinations ....

  2. Thought provoking. :)
    Love the positiveness :D

  3. hmmmm.... it's a recurring dream i think..

  4. @Ishiyeta! Thanks for the visit & d Follow.

    Lovely Name btw! :)

  5. @upasana!
    Yup! We have so much going on in that lil head of ours! :)

  6. Hmmm... Ninja gear...I wonder where I misplaced mine. :) Life is like that!

  7. :) Sometimes I wish I could fly, especially during the night time...or just go for a long walk...




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